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Asimov for the 2000s

It’s 2036, and a robot-loving world has been shaken by the revolt of VIKI and the Nestor 5 robots under her command. US Robotics filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy shortly after what quickly became known as the Nestor Event, seemingly signaling the end of an era. Canonical Robots, a company that produces industrial and military robots based on deprecated non-positronic technology, has announced several consumer lines but public enthusiasm is low, partly due to the fact that Canonical’s robots aren’t even hard-coded with the (now flimsy-seeming) Three Laws common to all positronic models.

Elsewhere in the US, a number of things have changed since the noughts. The first fully automatic car was introduced in 2014, and fully manual automobiles were banned from public roads by 2029 (manual driving of automatic vehicles on highways was banned in late 2005 after an unfortunate incident involving Detective Del Spooner and a pair of US Robotics delivery vehicles). Gay marriage was legalized nationwide in 2015 following seven years of strong leadership by the 44th president, Barack Obama.

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